Friday, January 16, 2009

Short Little Nuggest of Meredith, that's all anyone needs.

Well, Izzie get the quote of the week, in telling Meredith, to her face, that all anyone needs is short little nuggets of her. It's too bad she didn't warn McVet about that back in season 2, shit, Chris O'Donnell would have only been on for more than one episode.

This weeks episode involves a man on death row wanting to die in the hospital, and a little kid getting dead organs. Oh, and some short guy that got leg extensions only to be shorter. That part was odd. I don't get drop in plots like that, which essentially are just to make us remember the Callie is part of the plot. Also, Callie also wants a piece of the hot british chick, yet, no scenes together this week, at all. Hot british girl did have a great scene with Dr. Bailey, who may be losing her mind, but, that was about it for her.

In terms of losing her mind. I still do not understand the whole Denny/Izzie thing. I hope that she will dump Alex, soon, so that Kerev can win an emmy for the downward spiral he will take after said dumping, but, that's just me. If the point of her going nuts, is to let us know something is wrong with her, they should just have something be wrong with her, and not have Denny be a part of it. At all. I also think that ghost/dead/crazy Denny must KNOW something is wrong with her, given how he told Kerev "We need to talk." Is Izzie dying? Who knows.

I also sort of enjoyed Yang and The Journeyman this week. I say sort of because, again, the episode felt compressed, and he just shows up, drunk and tragic like. I get that he's a vet, and that he's troubled. But damn, Yang must have a thing for tortured souls or something. The shower scene would have been hotter, had they been naked, but, still, not bad. It reminded me of a shower scene between Bobby and Helen during season 1. Sadly, I could not find this on youtube, or I would have linked it.

The serial killer is awesome. Not only will he create the cylons, in a about a year on scifi, but, he is also currently trying to save a small child (without the help of artificial intelligence, and without being on Caprica.) I like his story line, in that, there is real conflict going on between Derek and Meredith that lets us see them, philosophically, as different kinds of Doctors. That is growth, good writing, and, well, great acting by Stoltz.

Kerev almost got the quote of the week at the beginning, when he said "She's holding that bottle of tequila like its a life vest." Guess why? Meredith likes to drink, a lot, she has a problem, so much so that Izzie had to hide it all before Derek's mother came over. (Which she never did actually enter the house). I love Tyne Daily, and think she is great in everything, however, I have to agree with McDreamy here. She BARELY said two words to McBitchy all day, and thinks they'd be great together. Odd. Want to know who she did talk to? Our girl Lexie.

How cute was Lexie in that t shirt, in her room, after she had properly been "taught", again, by McSteamy? You know, it was only upon a second viewing did I notice that Sloan was wearing what looked like a grey shit under his jacket when he left. That's right, she had on his t-shirt, and gave it back to him, and then he snuck out.

I will leave you with that final quote, from the two of them, cause it was so darn cute:

McSteamy: "You're 25 you're a fetus."
Sexy Lexie: "I am 24, I skipped the third grade."
McSteamy: "Does that feel dirty?"
And she just smiles.

If they ever take her off this show, it better be for her own spin off that would be 100 times better than that private practice shit.

Friday, January 9, 2009

She's...she's kind of a bitch.

Shockingly, these words were not said about Meredith Grey this week, rather, they were said about Yang. We will forgive Eric Stoltz his transgression, as he is new to Grey's Anatomy, and does understand the fundamental rule, which is Meredith is THE Bitch, others may have their moments, but no one tops Meredith Grey in the Bitch Department. (That could be read as a fairly horrid double entendre, props to anyone who caught it). I have to give a shout out, right away, to McWife, as she did point out that Meredith actually had some cute hair this week. So, her hair was great, and that as about it.

Having said that, the likes this week were the guest starring geniuses of both Eric Stoltz and Jessica Capshaw. Dr. Arizona comes to us from the Practice, and, I enjoy the hell out of anyone who can talk back to Miranda in a way that is both appropriate and awesome. Eric Stoltz has been in more television that any man alive, and, will be coming to us soon in Caprica, the spin off of Battlestar Galactica. So, having him on the show, good too.

Kerev continues to not disappoint this week. I wonder if he truly grasps how messed up Izzie is, or, you know, he is just trying to make things work with her because he is used to dating crazy (see Jane Doe) and doesn't want to screw this up.

Sexy Lexie Grey is interesting. From a woman last time who was basically having a nervous breakdown because she wanted to know "if she was so bad" and, of course, she wanted to be "taught" a thing or two. This week, she had a bold confidence, but not in a slutty way. I wonder if this is how Meredith was originally supposed to be written. Weak, Vulnerable, but, once she had a night of hot sex, and hours of talking with McSteamy, she had a better confidence about her, not in a direct way, but it was there. It was good to see her in this light, this week, and I was sort of disappointed that the moment that McSteamy gave in, and went up to her in the bar in the end, that she went right with him, no questions asked. Good for him I guess.

Meredith just sucks. She is an abysmal person. She gets pissed her boyfriend agrees with Yang, she argues with Yang in front of Derek and the Journeyman. She makes snide comments (not out of character). Then, when her former best friend actually opens up, and has a good heart to heart with her about it, she still doesn't get it. Or, at least doesn't admit she does. Instead, she goes home, dances it out with Derek, and, presumably, will be come more reliant and dependent on him, while she has fewer and fewer friends actually living with her (Yang, Gone, George, Gone, Kerev? not really a friend, Lexie, No way, and Izzie, is really all she has left there).

Meredith listen to your friends, you've had fights like this before. If you don't make it right, she'll never talk to you again. Did you apologize like you meant it? Like you could imagine she had a point? That's the key. Meredith has a friend she's losing, a friend that wants her back, and she doesn't get that they could even have a point.

Imagine hearing that from a friend, because if a close friend actually tells you that, you have to be a bitch. You just have to be.

Best line of the week "from the lab Dr. Sloan.....did you need something else." Delivered with sheepish delight by the younger Dr. Grey.

Followed closely with "You only live once, I'm not going to waste it....I'm going to Denver", by Dr. Sloan.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

All By Myself

That is the episode title of tonight's Grey's Anatomy. Sadly, McWife is at work, I am watching it all by myself, very sad. Because this is the last new episode of Grey's Anatomy until 2009, you get it, LIVE BLOG STYLE!

All times listed are central time, and yes, we have snow in the central plains.

8:00: A montage of shots from Seattle, and, guess what, a horrible narration by McBitchy, about who gets the first solo surgery. My money is on Meredith, we will see. Apparently Lexie can read lips, which I guess is good for her, but, shit, Lexie should be doing so much more. God, she's hot.

I also think it is crappy that Yang can't do it, that sucks. Kerev makes a great Helen Keller joke, Lexie points to a random ass person.

8:03: The Chief announces that Yang got picked by every single attending, and, since her interns were cutting each other, Yang has to pick the winner.

8:04: Yang has to show around the President of the 12 colonies, aka the new doctor from battlestar galactica, but, Izzie is still seeing Denny, and it is the strangest shit, because Karev is trying to kiss on Izzie, and fake Denny is just odd ass shit.

8:06: Sexy Lexie goes up to Sloan, talks about sex, and Sloan freaks out about it. But then invites her into coffee duty. Miranda and Sloan will do the surgery together, I bet Sloan pulls it off. the woman who can't talk, I know her from somewhere, but I cannot imagine where. I will figure it out as this goes on, but it was in a show, and I cannot figure out which one.

8:08: McBitchy explains to her party girl friend, that, on the job, they can't be friends. Guess what? She hates being a sister, and hates being a friend. Want to know what she likes? booze and sex with married men, while being emotionally distant, while, at the same time, thinking grand gestures like creating a house out of candles, and then refusing to move into that house are not, you know, cruel things to do. I fucking hate her.

8:09: Sisters come into the ER, one of them got into an accident, they are 15 and 16 and hate each other. If one dies, I will be sad.

8:11: George is lobbying Yang, and, got to tell you, here is no way he is getting this shit. No Way. Also, we learn Christina spits, poor poor Doctor Journeyman, no one likes a spitter.

8:13; The younger sister says "I hope you die" while they are taking the older one to the CAT scan. Guess what? This is a shitty writing device known as FORESHADOW. The sister either will die, and the 15 year old will blame herself, or she won't die, after a heart to heart. It is Grey's, she will die.

8:14: Yang finds the socially awkward President of the 12 colonies, who is just odd, and grunts and shit. I like her better on Battlestar, a far better show in every way.

8:16: Frak, the speechless girl is apparently a blogger. I can respect that, she probably has a better blog than I do, but, I can talk, and, you know, have something of a life. I am also not a fake character on television.

8:17: Callie and new girl might be flirting. i can't tell with women. I need to find this out. Holly, the older sister of the two girls then begins to crash, and really looks like SHIT. But, McDreamy is there, and, guess what, he'll do her brain surgery, she may live.

Oddly, I have to wonder if this much brain surgery happens from ER visits in a given day. Honestly, McDreamy is constantly slicing into heads, which is fine, but hell, does Seattle have that many brain surgeries?

Little sister screams, as we go to commercial break. Shop at Target.

8:21: McBitchy and my girl Yang have an awkward ass talk, you can tell the Bitch wants this shit, and now, she is trying to talk the younger sister into not feeling guilty about wishing for her older sister to die. Kerev gets a chance to work on the brain, and may have fucked it up. The special effects on this show are great, the brain started to change color, it was weird ass shit.

8:23: Callie and sloan talk about hot interns, and Sloan clearly wants to nail Lexie, hard. I really wish he would do it.

8:25: The girl is brain dead. Apparently, fixed one wound opened up the other, and she is a total goner. The President is insensitive in talking about organ donation, and then, COMMERCIALS!

8:28: Kerev is trying to kiss Yang's ass, and drops the kiss ass routine, and lists what he knows, about that surgery. Yang talks to Dr. Journeyman about it, and he says go with your gut, and makes a really really cute comment to her. Then awkward lesbian stuff. Argh.

8:30: Izzie is having sex with her imaginary Denny, which is just creepy ass odd. i am sorry, until someone else sees this guy, it is fucking bizzare.

8:31: Lexie and Sadie are chatting it up big time, and Sadie tells her Sloan wants her, and, Lexie kind of likes it, and well, I don't know how I like it yet. Then, Miranda and Sloan, work on the new voice.

8:34: The little sister is in denial, and Meredith stands up to Dr. President Rosalyn in a non offensive way. Holly is dead, her little sister is crying, and then, another commercial. Shit.

8:39: Izzie decides to Lobby Yang, so yes, everyone now has. She is talking to Yang about her fake sex with her fake dead fiance, and, yes, she sounds terribly creepy. We still have no clue if the surgery on the voiceless woman worked, but her husband yells at her, and damn, I know I have seen her in other shit before.

8:41: Yang walks to the board, and writes one name on it, and, it is Karev, and Meredith is pissed. Karev goes to find Izzie and gives a really great speech to Izzie, and honestly I feel bad for him for the first time ever, because Izzie is flat out crazy, and he is pouring his heart out to a CRAZY damn woman. She is looking at him like she pitys him, and he asks her to scrub in with him. Then Denny makes a funny about alex.

I really don't know where the storyline is going here. I mean, I understand, give Izzie good material, but she is fucking crazy at this point, and I would love to see her, you know , be in a love triangle with a real boy, rather than this. Frak.

8:49: Back from commercial, and the little sister is still with her brain dead ssiter, and, Meredith, is giving her a really good speech about her sister loving her, I hope she tells lexie that she loves her, because she certainly doesn't act like it....ever.

8:51: McBitchy and McDreamy talk at the board, and the Dreamboat is sick to death about losing the 16 year old, but he does tell McBitchy to talk to Yang.

8:52: lexie and the voiceless woman are talking a bit, and she is happy that it seems to have worked. She can say Hi at least, which was more than Helen Keller (sorry, Karev made one earlier, I feel like I get to make one now).

8:54: Yang and Meredith have it out, and I think Yang may be right here, and then she tells off the group, and, again, she may be right. I mean, Yang did get picked, and right before she breaks down, Journeyman helps out.

8:55: Meredith and Alex have a heart to heart about the surgery, and again, she gives him the pe talk, and izie shows up to scrub in with him, and he calms down right away.

8:56: The Journeyman takes Yang down to the steam room, and she sort of loves the vent a little TOO much. I hate her giggle. It sucks. They kiss.

8:57: Lexie shows up at Sloans place, and walks right in, and starts taking off her clothes, saying "teach me" over and over and over, and sloan goes right after her. Also, I think Lexie might be a little bad. Just a little.

8:59: Meredith voice over, more lesbian awkwardness, flashes of kissing and sex, and we see the older sister get her organs harvested, as Kerev does the first solo surgery, as Izzie sees dead Denny, and Alex makes his first cut.

Then, the show is over, and Lexie and Sloan are totally doing it.

She is Bad.

See you next year.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Destruction of Grey's

I wonder how smart this show is. I really do. I wonder if it realizes that it has become a crappy parody of itself, and, in that regard, it's "slip in the hospital rankings" is in relation to it's "slip in television ratings." I don't know, and I don't care. This show has gotten away from what it was, and, I think I know part of the problem.

1. Izzie going crazy. I love Izzie, I think she is great, but, I think they should have kicked her bitch ass off the show when she killed Denny (yes folks, she killed the man she loved) but, instead, she got a boat load of cash, started the clinic (which we never see) and got to stay on the show. This is terrible, because, when Denny died, she was a great character, and was emotionally stunning. Hence, her Emmy win. But, with Denny long gone, and nothing for her to do but break up marriages, and go crazy, I can see why she didn't want to be nominated for an Emmy. I like the direction the Izzard is taking, in that, she is showing range again, and I dig her chemistry with a dead guy and Kerev way more than I liked her with George, but still, they need to do more with her. I love Izzie.

2. Meredith not being bitchy. I know, I know, I belabor this point. But this show is at its best when Meredith is completely selfish, unforgiving, drinking a lot, and a whore. Why, because surgeons are selfish focused people who need a release every now and then. They are not happy campers who take in strays like Meredith and McDreamy. They are Yang, they are McSteamy, the are the Journeyman, and I love them for it. I want more McBitchy, and less McNicey.

3. Kerev being nice. He is one of the most complex characters on the show, but, when they have him smile, or be overly nice, it doesn't work. He is a guy who has had a rough life, and letting him be a good surgeon, and a tortured person, is good t.v. and good for Alex. Shit, I hope Izzie kills herself, and Kerev discovers the body, because then, he gets to be tortured more. Case in point here, when he picked up Izzie off of Denny's dead body. AWESOME, he was doing the right thing, and never once smiled. I miss that Kerev.

This show is doing something right, it has got Yang down cold. I love her again, and it is because she is all hot about the Journeyman. That, is awesome shit.

Really, Really awesome.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Humanity

Man, some sad news to report this week.

First, the Ex-List, has, apparently, been cancelled. I hope this means that Bella Bloome will come back to Seattle Grace and break up Kerev and Izzie, I guess we'll see.


This is even sadder news, because, although I did not like Dr. Hahn and Callie together, I think that Dr. Hahn was a great character, I really did.

Sad all around.

I have been traveling a lot, so, I have not been able to update the blog since last weeks episode, but, not much happened last week, other than Dr. Hahn running around being all pissed that Izzie killed Denny, and, as a result, it looks like she will no longer be working at Seattle Grace.

No real developments between McBitchy and McDreamy, although I am hopeful that she will cheat on him, and that could be good.

The Journeyman is still awesome, and I want him on every week.

Hopefully something goood this week, I probably will not get to posting on it till Sunday or Monday!

Oh, on a personal note, McWife saw the New Kids on the Block last night, so, my sleep was interrupted by "Please don't go girl."


Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Narration does Kill me.

Ok, let me tell you, the opening and closing narration is horrible, I just hate her voice, it bothers me.

What did we learn tonight?Meredith plays with toys, and is a selfish child. Meanwhile, Kerev is an ass after Izzie sex, and I do not like Callie and Hahn, not one bit at all. She is Meredith needy, and, Callie is just experimenting, so, she is going to break her heart. I can just tell. But, it's good to know Hahn is gay, and really really needy. I mean, Callie is banging Sloan pretty quickly afterward, maybe she is bi, it just seems awful. By the way, when I say meredith needy, I mean needy in the sense that she is about to cut a girl open, and is way way too focused on the Chief liking her. See, needy.

I like the Journeyman returning, although, the senseless slaughter of pigs, that seemed awful. Good thing they ran that clip, letting us know they were fake, or, at least, fake enough. It was interesting that Izzie was in no way interested, and, I wonder how competitve being a surgeon is, cause, wanting to slaughter pigs, that seems odd. He has a great chemistry with Yang, really really great, andI am glad they are giving her someone strong to flirt with.

The surgeries on this show just dont entertain me. let's be honest, this show is Chicago Hope, with a bitchy lead, and well, the surgeries on that show, were way way more entertaining. I also don't see any growth this year, at all, with this show. Izzie is going nowhere, McBitchy is still a bitch, kerev's a whore, George is awkward, and no way does taking out every organ in a girl ever work.



Best line of the night "I don't reject you George" Who said it? Meredith. It's the best line of the night, because, guess why, she did reject him. HORRIBLY. It was awful. She had sad sex with him, and booted his ass.

Monday, October 27, 2008

The Catch up of the Ex List!

This is the BIG catch up.

Ok, two episodes, one post, we will try.

This begins the morning of Day 12, with Bella on the Beach, going home, getting Robbed, and running into Ronnie the Cop. 353 days till she is single forever. Guess what, in the past, Ronnie was a pot head, and Stella in high school is a LOT prettier than Stella now. I want to know who plays this chick, way way cuter in the past.

Side note, I have seen pictures of McWife in the past, and she was cute, but is way hotter now. Isn't it odd how some of us get better looking, like me and McWife, and others do not. Oh, Ronnie makes a comment about her looking 16 today, NOT true, way cuter in the past.

The same day, Bella goes stalking cop hang outs, and her sister makes a really funny comment about sausage. Then, she sits and stares at her phone for along time, to not call. By this point, I am confident in saying this is the next day, because they are BACK on the beach, and wearing different swim suits. 13 days down, 352 to go! Later that night, the cop calls, and Bella sneaks out to see him, just like old times. They go to dinner, and make out.

The next morning, that is 14 days down, 351 to go, Bella is back at work, wanting to nail Ronnie, I am hopeful she won't sleep with him. Lots of crappy stuff goes on that day, and, that night, they end up in an airplane hanger. She sleeps over, and is sneaking home the next morning, which, guess what? Means we have 15 days down, and 350 to go. (No word on the Sex). But, I am noticting that they are being clever about not disclosing too many days to us. Ronnie pulls his badge out too much, and, Bella doesn't like him abusing power to help her. DUMB.

The next morning, 16 days down, 349 to go, Bella is happy she broke up with the Cop, and so is her dad, she is wearing a yellow tank (important to see if the next ep begins on the same day)

NEW EP!, they are back on the beach, so, they get the benefit of the doubt that its the same day, just evening surf, not morning surf. Anyway, Bella sees Shane, a guy she met in Mexico, who is a surfer dude, and who sucks. In what I am calling the LONGEST day ever, because I get no sense of night at all, Bella runs back into surfer dude, who is not over being stranded in Mexico.

Somehow, all of these bastards never work, go to bars, and never ever ever do anthing responsible. Its awful. They go out all the time, never work. But, as it turns out, the Surfer dude, is all a marketing act, which makes him much much more interesting.

I am calling a next day, because this one has gone on way too long. 17 down, 348 to go!
Bella and surfer dude are at some party together, and he is trying to be somewhat sensitive to her. The next morning, they are out surfing, no word on if the actually had sex, but, they seem to have spent the night together. So, we are now at 18 down, 347 to go.

Shane and Bella surf all day, and for that, she really is getting to know his softer side. I am kind of pulling for this guy, and, if the show doesn't get a full season, I think he should be the one. Anyway, awkwardness happens that day, because Bella is only concered with herself. Anyway, we get to see her friends in bed that night, so, the next morning is 19 down, 346 to go.

That ends it! All caught up!